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Looking to bring some extra life to your PR?

Work with us and experience next level video games PR with a service that works for you

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About 1UP

Video games PR and influencer marketing

Connecting the video games industry to a wider global audience involves navigating something of a media multiverse. With more options than ever before, from traditional video games PR to Influencer campaigns, it’s important to make the right decision.


That’s where 1UP comes in! ​Our experienced team has witnessed, worked and lived through those developments (some of us are cracking on a bit!) Whether we’re championing a AAA blockbuster or an indie darling, our mission is to distil your vision down to a message which is effortlessly received and understood; whether it’s editorial outlets we’re pitching to, or the influencers we work with to champion your game.

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Creative solutions, incredible results

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For us, video games public relations and Influencer marketing isn’t just distributing your announcements. We aim to foster meaningful, enduring relationships and there is no better way to do so than through creativity. 

Our aim is always to build towards greater collaborations with journalists and give them stories they want or need to publish. From Lego Superman soaring through the skies of London, to gamescom’s biggest party to develop direct relationships for our clients; our team has created and worked on some of the most eye-catching and effective campaigns in the video games industry.

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Our Team

Hello there... 

With a combined 60+ years experience in the games industry, the 1UP team has worked across a variety of publications, agencies and marketing companies to inform everything we do today.  

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Our Services

Video games PR and influencer marketing that suits you

At 1UP we don't believe in one size fits all, that's why we promise to work closely with you and your team to provide the perfect PR plan, performance and reporting for you. We work with Streamers Connected to help you find the best influencers for your game, while providing tailored and expert PR support.


Here's some of the services we can offer you: 

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Video Games PR Planning

Working with you to create the ideal PR roadmap, we will identify the best key beats and press outreach opportunities for your game, while creating bespoke timelines that enable you to understand what comes next.

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Building Relationships

Identifying key press and influencers to target is vital to the success of any campaign, and those targets are different for every video game. 1UP can help you establish, maintain and develop relationships with your key targets who are interested in your game, but those relationships are owned by you, as much as us.

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Market Research

We believe in creating tailored targets, approaches and more for your game. To help us do that, we conduct thorough market research before beginning any project, giving us the best insight into the potential pitfalls and probable peaks for your games PR and influencer campaign.

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Learning From Our Work

We will continually monitor coverage of your product, provide actionable data, honest feedback and analysis, which will form the springboard for any future outreach. Public Relations and Influencer Marketing is constantly evolving, and we use state-of-the-art tools to help us see how you’re performing and where we can improve.

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Media Outreach

When sharing your announcements and assets with the media, we reach out to the targets we have identified that best suit your game. From video games journalists to key influencers, we will get your game in front of the people who matter.

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Key Requests

When your game is ready for testing or release, 1UP will collect and vet key requests from press and influencers, before distributing to our trusted contacts and following up where keys are issued to ensure coverage.

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Our Clients

Games, products and projects we've helped to shine

From large studios to indie developers, 1UP works on projects we're passionate about. We'll support you throughout your game's development journey or at key dates for you, all while connecting you with the press and influencers who are right for you!

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“We’ve been very happy with 1UP’s support in both US and Europe, on several of our main games. Their approach to reporting, with both day 1 and day 7 reports, as well as proactive advice on next steps has been very helpful.”

XD Games

What our clients have to say

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Press releases written for you

We will work with you to craft the perfect press release, designed to engage media across the globe and interest them in your game. Check out some of our other press releases below:

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Contact us

We want to hear from you

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