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Case Study

Torchlight: Infinite

Client: XD Games

Platforms: PC, Android, iOS

Project: Beta to Global Launch

Services: Regular PR planning, press release distribution, interview outreach and more

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Looking to revive one of the biggest names in the aRPG genre, publisher XD Games brought 1UP onboard to oversee and implement PR strategy for the global launch of Torchlight: Infinite. The developer would steer this dormant dungeon crawler in an ambitious new direction, offering seamless cross-platform play, a striking new art style, and an evolving endgame, not to mention a growing cast of memorable characters.

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From Beta to Global Launch

Torchlight: Infinite succeeded in overcoming numerous challenges, inheriting an IP that had lost credibility and the favour of gamers, while also combating negative perceptions surrounding the free-to-play and mobile gaming markets. 

Leading up to the game’s beta, our key aim was to generate a large amount of coverage to create a buzz around the game. As one of the first major beats, we knew that it would be vital to secure targeted media outlets to help share our news. We distributed a press release to the media, detailing a new hero and discussing the beta. Alongside this, we secured an IGN exclusive trailer that helped to generate a huge amount of interest. 

We also promoted the announcement that David Brevik (former Blizzard developer and Diablo creator) would join the team at XD, which received widespread coverage with 1UP facilitating interviews with tier 1 media including Bloomberg, GameStar, PCGamesN, and 3DJuegos. This helped boost XD’s credibility and convince Torchlight fans that the series is in good hands.


Media buzz continued to pick up with the impending Torchlight: Infinite open beta which launched in October 2022. This early preview gave media and gamers access to the core campaign, and the first chapter of its endgame which morphs every few months from season to season. News of the launch was picked up by tier 1 media around the world with highlights including Eurogamer, Pocket Tactics, Game Pressure, Dengeki Online, and IGN.

"Overall, the combat and general gameplay feel very fluid, like a fine mix between mobile MOBAs and the original Torchlight."

Tilly Lawton, Pocket Tactics

Beyond pitching news, reviews, and features, we also helped outlets produce guides exploring character builds, endgame content, beginner’s tips and more. Guides continue to be one of the biggest drivers of online traffic for press, and this was something we expressly wanted to target from the beginning.


XD’s early access strategy allowed them to collect and respond to player feedback, refining and introducing a number of key game systems to improve the overall experience. It also kept Torchlight: Infinite firmly in the media spotlight with the steady rollout of new updates and content, generating coverage on the road to its eventual May 2023 global launch on PC and mobile. The announcement of this launch date was the biggest story of Torchlight: Infinite’s PR campaign, generating 163 published articles along with an additional 87 articles on launch day.


1UP leveraged this peak in media interest to secure reviews from a number of global Tier 1 publications including Android Police, JeuMobi, Pocket Gamer, IGN Italy, Spazio Games, and EveryEye. This was despite the inherent challenge that came from having a multi-phase live service launch where some journalists had already published reviews and impressions the previous year.

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Coverage Highlights

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