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Test subjects in their new costumes.

Season 3 welcomes a whole raft of new changes!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands — February 22, 2024  | Kakao Games and Nimble Neuron are proud to reveal a whole new way to play Eternal Return. With Season 3 on the horizon, Eternal Return has added an entirely new set of skills, Mutant Packs, achievements and mechanics for players to explore in the newest season of this beloved MOBA.

Some of Eternal Return’s test subjects are no longer locked to their own costumes. Throw open the doors to your imagination, try out new clothes and see how test subjects can strut their stuff in a variety of entirely new outfits. These skins can be found in Eternal Return’s season pass, including: Widriana skin, 9x additional new skins and two new test subjects — Katja and Charlotte — who will be playable during season three. 

But there’s more than new attire coming to Eternal Return in its newest season. Achievements are now being added to help players track their progress throughout the game. These will be split into five categories: Survival, Weapons, Areas, Hunting/Collecting, and Special, to help players to catalogue and celebrate their successes as they continue their battle to be the ultimate survivor.

As players dive back into the fight, being downed won’t mean the end! New special skills have been added to Eternal Return, offering those knocked down a much-needed second chance. Players can use these new skills to turn the tide on the battlefield and eradicate their enemies. What’s more, if players are looking for a boost they can head to the Hotel’s Tree of Life which will be making a comeback in Eternal Return’s third season. Mine the Tree to acquire special materials and craft powerful items to level the playing field!

Looking to explore? Players will be able to hunt Mutant Packs that will be appearing all over the island. Unlike the Bears and Wolves Packs, these Mutant Packs will start spawning on Night 1 and include three new types of mutants: Chicken, Boar and Wild Dog. It won’t just be Packs that players can find, Attendance events will also pop up throughout the third season and contain a range of new rewards including: Data boxes, Data fragments, Boosters, A-Coin, event NP, Tokens, and Emotes/Profiles.

Eternal Return will also be adding Color Blind mode, and players will be able to adjust everything from the enemy team to wild animals. Ally health bars can also be optimised to suit them in the ‘Color Customization’ settings, which they can experiment with from the launch of Season 3.

Eternal Return is available to download and play on PC via Steam. For the latest Eternal Return news, you can stay up to date by following the game on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Discord or Instagram.

About Eternal Return

On the deserted Lumia Island, the seedy organization known as AGLAIA is conducting secret experiments on human subjects in a bid to perfect a new race of extraordinary humans. Scour the island for materials to craft armor and weapons and be the last one standing in this thrilling, challenging multiplayer online survival arena.

About Kakao Games

Founded in 2016, Kakao Games is a leading publisher of online and mobile games, responsible for releasing titles including Pearl Abyss' Black Desert Online (serviced in North America and Europe until early 2021), KRAFTON’s PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (serviced in Korea), ArcheAge, Survival MOBA Eternal Return (service in North America, Europe and Oceania), Kong Studios' Guardian Tales (serviced in North America, Europe, Latin America and Oceania), and Nineark's Eversoul (serviced in North America and Europe).

About Nimble Neuron

Founded in 2013, Nimble Neuron, mostly known for its PC Game Eternal Return. Nimble Neuron is made of passionate game players who have the common goal of creating high-quality games for the enjoyment of players all across the globe. To learn more, visit their website.


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